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ASSESSMENT - What's Your Score?


With our Metabolic Testing, we take a “snap-shot” of your metabolism to determine your individual fitness numbers.

Completed while exercising on a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, this test determines your individual:
• Aerobic Base – Your oxygen efficiency and optimal fat burning rate
• Anaerobic Threshold – Your intensity “red line” of sustainable power output
• VO2  – Your cardiovascular capacity and efficiency while working
• Training Zones – Your intensity levels based on heart rate and/or power
• Caloric Burn Rates – Your ability to burn fat and total calories

Based on your individual numbers gathered during the Cardio Profile. Takes the guesswork out of your cardio training so you know exactly what to do.
• Daily schedule of workouts
• Optional days for strength training
• Specific customized workouts based on availability and goals 


Completed while at rest, this test determines your individual:
• Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) – Your calories needed to maintain your body while at rest
• Resting Heart Rate – Your heart’s fitness check while at rest
• Calorie Expenditure – Your daily schedule for weight loss, maintenance, or even gain
• Caloric Balance – Your caloric needs vs. expenditure (activity)
• Caloric Burn Rate – Your amount of fat vs. carbohydrate calories burned

Other Services

  • Sports Performance Nutritional Consulting
  • Technical and Tactical Sports Camps for Pros and Amateurs
  • Sports Medicine and Rehab
  • Custom Olympic Speed Training Programs
  • Combine Preparation