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High Performance Athletes

Combine’s Elite Program is reserved for elite and professional athletes and is designed to prepare them for the Next Level of performance. Our training system is designed by Combine’s Sports Performance Director Spero Mantzavrakos who has trained thousands of athletes from high school to All Stars in almost every major professional sport. With coaches who have played at the same level as the athletes we train, we understand how important your performance is, so we prepare every workout to help you get to the Next Level!

Our Elite program offers our clients exclusivity to our in house Sports Medicine centre “Quattro” run by Peter Theodospoulos and Guy DiCicco. We offer services such as Musculoskeletal / Orthopedic assessments, Myofascial release, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physio Therapy, Functional Movement assessments, and the latest in Vitamin regeneration.

Combine’s elite program can be customized in a class environment, individual, one-on-one training, or a combination of both. Each program can be designed for different athletic needs, from post injury recovery to increasing your speed or overall game specific training needs.

Each session incorporates a customized strength program to maximize force production and use multiple joints functionality in a way that stimulates the same patterns as the sport you play. Combine has trained athletes in the NHL, NFL, CFL, MLB and NCAA.