• Located in the Sunningdale Health & Wellness Centre
    1695 Wonderland Rd. North
    London, ON N6G 4W3 Map & Directions


"I started with the Combine Centre team 6 months ago and have loved every class. I enjoy going 4-5 times a week because the schedule has so many options. Each trainer brings different challenges to each class so there is never any disappointment. The atmosphere is amazing and have met many amazing people ! Keep doing what you do...Combine is LOVED"
Erica H. - 2013

"I love the workouts! And the trainers are great too!"
Jacquie C. - 2013

"It doesn't get better than this place. I can't recommend it enough"
Chris S. - 2013

"I love that the trainers are there to workout with me and not trying to upsell me. I love that I never have the same workout twice. It has something for my whole family and that is important to me that my kids have fitness as part of their routine."
Sandy W. - 2013

"Being from Toronto, but taking a course in London for the first 6 weeks of the summer, I had to find a training center that was best for me to take my game to the next level. I explored a few options, but in end, I thought, being a big summer for me, Combine Centre was the best option. I didn't know what to expect, but being put with Coach Joel for the 6 weeks, I realized that this decision was the right one for me. Coach Joel put me through an intense, hockey related, 6-week summer program that resulted, not only in myself feeling stronger off the ice, but also on the ice as well. This 6 week program that Joel put me through was a huge start to the summer to get me to the next level. My goal is to play for the Western Mustangs hockey team next season and with this program to start off this summer I feel that this put me in a good position to compete for a spot next season. Joel motivated me throughout every exercise to push myself, whether it was to go faster or to increase the weight. Even if I didn't think I could do a faster time or heavier weight, Joel motivated me to do the most I could do to maximize the exercise. This program that Joel created for me has helped me to start the summer off on the right foot, which will allow me to continue my training at a high level in Toronto for the rest of the summer."
Noah S., 2013 Sutherland Cup Champion - London Nationals Jr B Hockey Organization - 2013

"To me it's personal training in a small group setting where you are being pushed by the trainer to push yourself to your fullest. I became addicted after my first class. The trainers are so friendly and remember your name as do the others within the class. It couldn't be further from your normal gym class (ie aerobics, spin, etc.). It is interval training that is intense and truly amazing. "
Faith - 2013

"This is long overdue kudos too: Joel for making me do my first 2 feet tire jumps, John for introducing me to another tough ball exercise working that fat right off my stomach, Matt for his killer Movement classes and Nat for believing in us and working us hard! I hate it but I LOVE it!! Thank you Combine360!"
Dianne - 2012