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What, were you expecting a harvesting tractor? Did you know a Sport Combine is an event that determines an individual’s athletic attributes? It is a display of speed, strength, movement, and skill. That’s what our brand is all about: building an athlete. When you think of an athlete, you think: Coordinated. Conditioned. Strong. Fast. Lean. Explosive. Mentally Tough. Disciplined. Our mission is to make our community into athletes of life. Our programs challenge your body in every way; we believe every mode of exercise is beneficial to our human function. We should run, we should lift weights, we should H.I.I.T. train, we should rehabilitate. We believe the best approach to a fitness routine is to train across all domains, just like an athlete does. Our approach allows you to shed unnecessary body weight, build lean muscle mass, and improve your body movement.

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Group Training Classes

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Online Training

Times have changed and we’ve adapted. Our virtual platform offers Combine on Demand, personal training, small group training, nutritional coaching, and programing for your at home gym or off-site location

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Personal Training

Have specific goals? Our team knows how to get you there!

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Athletic Training

Individual, small group, and team training

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Open Gym

Our Memberships include the option to come in and utilize our 8,000 sq/ft space in addition to classes! At times, the entire space is yours to conquer – have fun!

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Experience The Combine Difference

We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of age or fitness level.


Complete fitness, tailored to your fitness level


Instructor led training


Certified trainers


Weight lifting exercises you can do at home


Cross-training, yoga, stetching, strength training and so much more


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Our Team

“We understand our role in this community. Each day, we have the unique opportunity to impact someone’s health and performance. We are grateful to walk this fitness journey with you”

Our team is able to offer comprehensive group training based on your fitness levels. Our in-depth health and fitness training modules offer a balanced workout, keeping you safe while helping you improve your strength, conditioning, mobility, and coordination


Transform your body in just 1 hour a day. Instructor led, no one is left alone.


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