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Adam Akila

Growing up, the idea of being a professional athlete fascinated me: Playing a sport you love and mastering your craft through constant hours of training (mentally and physically).

I excelled in football, basketball, soccer, boxing and powerlifting.  Although I am removed from the competitive aspect of the sports, I am forever competitive with myself—always pushing to be a better version than yesterday. The lessons I learned through sport have transpired into my health and fitness approach. I’ve recently experienced my own weight loss journey. Over the last two years, I have lost over 55lbs of body fat.  It’s a constant battle: a challenge every day.  The experience however, has afforded me the hands on knowledge to help those I get the opportunity to work with. My passion is to help those who want to pursue their dreams and helping them reach that pinnacle—whether it be an athlete or an everyday person much like myself.

In February 2015, I graduated from the Fanshawe College Fitness and Health Promotion program and received my CSEP-CPT. While I was in college I had the unique opportunity to do my coop placement at Combine Fitness.  From the moment I walked in, I knew this was the place to be! Fast forward 4 years later, and now I have the opportunity to work with this team and its community.  I am excited to be a part of this all!

If I’m not training myself or others, I’m most likely watching sports!
“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.”  This to me is more than a quote; this is my mindset in everything I do.  I hope to inspire you the same way!



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