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Katie “Siggy” Sigurdson

When I was young people would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I would reply, “I want to be in the NHL”.  They would laugh, “You’re a girl!” and I would smile back and say, “Watch me”. 

I had big dreams and the personality to match it.  Although I never quite made it to the NHL, hockey taught me how to create goals and SMASH them, to dream BIG and fail graciously, to adapt to adversity, and most importantly how to be a teammate and a friend. I played football, fastball, cheerleading, and hockey religiously.  

I spent five years at Mount Royal University, where I played goal for the women’s hockey team.  My passion for off-ice training drove my education as I studied anatomy, exercise physiology, coaching, and motor development and received my degree in Health and Physical Education.  I started training youth athletes in 2015 and I am IYCA Olympic Lift Certified.  I love to teach spin and group fitness classes. I LOVE group fitness because I believe in surrounding myself with a game-changing community, the high-energy atmosphere, and pushing people out of their comfort zone.

 Now, my goal is to share my passion for training with youth to help them reach their goals outside of the gym, to help women put themselves first and take up space, and to help ALL people LEVEL UP! My mission is to provide no BS fitness education that leaves people with life long growth and learning.  

 When I am not in the gym I am on my website www.straightupsiggy.com where I share educated and honest advice and online training services through my app.  I like playing sports, 90’s music, Mindy Kaling, and five-cent candies. 

My motto: “If you’re going to rise, you might as well SHINE!”


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