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Meet the Owner, Steven Mati:

Sport and physical activity have been a part of my identity for as far back as I can remember. Growing up, I played many sports: baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, football. What I gained most from these activities were not the cross-training of each sport, but the life-long friendships and the required mental toughness and discipline needed to survive in a team environment of unpredictable outcomes.

I always knew I wasn’t the most gifted athlete; I never had the luxury of being the fastest, strongest, or most talented. I had to show up to practice early, stay late, and train for countless hours to perfect my craft while my friends were out having fun. If I took a day off, it felt like it a month. And even then, with all the hard work, sometimes things just didn’t work out in my favor. There was, however, no quit in me.


Sport has taught me much of what I know: win gracefully, lose but don’t lose the lesson, overcome adversity, work extremely hard, dedicate time to come back from injury, outwork those who already have an advantage, and most importantly, to sacrifice to be a part of a team. All of these lessons have helped prepare me for the sport of life.

I have a B.A. Honors Specialization in Kinesiology from Western University. I played on the Western Mustang Varsity Football team in 2007 and began personal training in 2008. Upon graduating in 2010, I moved to Alberta and worked on the drilling rigs for four years. Being an athlete and Kinesiology graduate, I was at a large disadvantage for the job ahead. My mental toughness was further tested working in extreme environments and living conditions. I had to rapidly acquire the hands-on-skills of a rig-hand and tradesman in a fast pace industry with little patience or room for error. Although my sport background did not directly help me for the tasks at hand, it did prepare me mentally to keep working hard and overcome my unfavorable position. My goal was to accumulate enough equity to one day have my own fitness club and work with like-minded individuals in a team environment. Nothing was going to get in the way of that.

I became the owner of Combine Fitness on March 1st, 2015. Combine Fitness has given me the platform to be involved with my community, connect with other local companies, meet incredible people from all walks of life, and work with London’s best trainers. This platform has taught me that reaching out and helping people brings me more satisfaction and joy than anything else. I take great pride in being a part of someone’s physical and mental growth and development. I believe in training people like athletes: movement, H.I.I.T., strength, conditioning, mobility, and mind. By training in all dynamics, we are better suited to execute our day to day tasks with ease; playing with our kids on the floor, shoveling the driveway, going for a walk, climbing a flight of stairs, and so on. I believe that if we are proactive with our health choices and our habits, it will directly influence the quality of life we have. I am an advocate of health and fitness beyond physical capabilities. I believe if you can condition your mind and dedicate yourself to your goals, you will quickly see the changes you desperately desire. As someone who knows how difficult anything worth having is, I know that myself and my team at Combine Fitness can and will get you to where you want to be.

I am a husband to my lovely wife, Natasha; a father to my pride and joy, Luca. When I am not at Combine, I using my time to do volunteer work with the London Food Bank and helping coach local high-school sports. I am an aspiring firefighter and recent graduate of FESTI. I enjoy play dates with my little man, socials with friends and family, and playing recreational sports.

I live by the words “man at night, man in the morning”




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