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James Pursell


Owner of Conquest Hockey

I have been with Combine Fitness for nearly six years. Initially, my role was to work directly with hockey players and golfers who were looking to take their game to the next level. I am a former draftee of the OHL by the Niagara Icedogs and played 3 years of Junior level hockey, becoming the captain of the Lambton Shores Jr.B organization. The game was a huge part of my life. I wanted to stay involved once I finished playing competitively. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and training regiments with those who were looking improve and Combine Fitness gives me the stage to do so. Along with hockey, my golf background extends to the highest level of junior competitive golf. I represented Canada at the World Junior Championships for multiple years, working my way towards being a top player in the country.


Entrepreneurship was another passion of mine. As such, I enrolled in the business program at UWO, where I eventually earned the Board of Directors Gold Medal. From there, I started my company Conquest Hockey Apparel; a clothing brand that serves to teach and identify with players who are serious about being the best and dominating. I never cared about fitting the classic hockey stereotypes when I played, I just wanted to win. With no other hockey company branding themselves this way, I created Conquest to push back against mediocrity, averageness, participation medals, and anything that didn’t resonate with our slogan “Play to Win.” I’m bringing style to the game with fashion forward designs, and the best quality product I can create.

The mindset my company preaches is one that is essential for success on and off the ice. It’s something I try to teach to as many of my clients as possible. Everything is earned; your success is your obligation and is completely in your hands. I always teach the idea that you need to do the work longer and harder than anybody else. Nothing worth having comes easy. This transcends into how we teach our athletes, personal clients, and group classes at Combine Fitness.

I’ve been an athlete since I could walk, and the gym has been my sanctuary ever since I started lifting when I was 15. Once I started seeing results, I became hooked. My obsession with bodybuilding and powerlifting has led me to where I am now. It’s taught me dedication, perseverance and a discipline to do the things you need to do, even when you don’t feel like doing them. I love sharing this mindset and pushing others in the fitness community to become better in and out of the gym. Combine has given me the opportunity to work with some exceptional athletes and clients, and I love being a part of their mental and physical transformations. It’s truly special to see people becoming better and to know you’re helping them do it.

When I’m not at Combine, I’m working full time on growing Conquest Hockey, or working on my car. I’m an absolute car nut and it’s my biggest passion. I belong to an exotic car group here in London (519Drives—check us out). I’m a sucker for a good movie, and enjoy spending time travelling, eating (lots), and being with my friends and family.


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